Safe MEDICINE Disposal

Questions about Safe Medicine Disposal

safe medication disposal box
MED-Project community kiosk drop-off sites allow residents to bring expired or unwanted medicine to convenient locations for proper disposal.

Do not flush your meds!

You can either drop off or mail back your unwanted or expired prescriptions.

• Place pills in either their original packaging (with labels removed for privacy) or put assorted pills in a sealable plastic bag. Liquids in bottles can be placed in sealable plastic bags, as well.

• Next, find your nearest disposal or mail-back site here.

Regularly disposing of your medications prevents intentional and unintentional drug misuse and injury. Every year, about two million people end up in the hospital due to drug-related injuries, including medication errors, adverse drug reactions, and overdoses. Children, youth, and the elderly are especially at risk for injury and overdose. Among people who misuse prescription pain relievers like opioids, the most common source (PDF) for the meds is a friend or relative.

Improper disposal can also have harmful environmental effects. Flushing medications can cause a variety of consequences in waterways and negatively impact our communities.

The DEA recommends that you clean out your medicine cabinet twice a year. Safe disposal sites are available year-round, most often at pharmacies.