OD Free Marin’s Action Teams

Diagram of OD Free Marin's 5 Action teams: Outreach and Education; Youth Action Team; Health Equity; Justice System; and Intervention, Treatment and Recovery

Equity Action Team

Equity team evolved from the work of the Racial Health Equity committee of RxSafe Marin. OD Free will participate in trainings on diversity, equity, and inclusion and receive guidance to ensure under-represented and vulnerable communities are served equitably.

Education and Outreach

The Education and Outreach action team focuses on spreading awareness of the overdose crisis in the broader community. This includes planning and implementing awareness campaigns and amplifying the work of the other teams. Members also host informational presentations and Narcan trainings.

Youth Action Team

The Youth Action Team is dedicated to serving young people and uplifting the youth voice. The team is led by youth and adult allies seeking to reduce opioid misuse through prevention, harm reduction and treatment in Marin County.

Intervention, Treatment and Recovery

The Intervention, Treatment and Recovery action team is focused on preventing overdose through: increasing access to and availability of treatment services; boosting client, provider and community awareness of resources; outreach to overdose survivors; and Narcan distribution.

Justice System

The Justice System action team recognizes persons who use drugs often touch the criminal justice system. The team will partner with all branches of public safety and justice to enhance programs to protect those at risk.

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