OD Free Marin: Coalition Action Teams

OD Free Marin is a community-based, overdose prevention coalition comprised of four action teams and a steering committee. Hundreds of community partners, individuals, organizations, and agencies from across sectors have contributed to the coalition over the past decade. Working together we strive to ensure a coordinated, comprehensive, and collective approach to our work.  We align our priorities with those of  the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to provide innovative and equitable solutions aimed at reducing overdose and increasing the health and wellness of community members across Marin County. To get involved, please complete the sign-up form below.

Education and Outreach

The Education and Outreach Action Team focuses on spreading awareness of the overdose crisis in the broader community. This includes planning and implementing awareness campaigns; amplifying the work of the other Action Teams and our partners; and hosting informational presentations and Narcan® trainings – all with a focus on equity, CDPH priorities, and data to inform our work.

What: The Education & Awareness Action team focuses on spreading awareness of the overdose crisis and prevention strategies. This includes planning and implementing awareness campaigns, amplifying the work of our coalition partners and hosting informational presentations and Narcan trainings.

How: We do this within a collective impact model as part of a coordinated response to tackle the opioid epidemic. We provide Narcan training, information about prevention, overdose awareness and more. We are currently focused on sector-targeted education and training.

Who: Out Action Team consists of community members and professionals in related fields – including media, marketing, education, promotions, graphics, curriculum design, and public health.

When: We meet the third Thursday, every other month, from 4pm to 5pm via Zoom.

Needed: Individuals interested in/available to leading community-based educational training sessions.

Contact: Fay Zenoff, Co-chair

  • Smart Goal #1: (Spread Awareness) Promote “Hey Marin, Where’s The Fentanyl?” media awareness campaign, (through at least three mediums, including ODFM social media posts, Marin IJ advertisements and public bus tail ads); to increase engagement with the OD Free Marin website to access information related to Narcan, education, referrals, and other relevant resources. (By December 31, 2024)
  • Smart Goal #2: (Amplify Partners Work) Amplify the work of the other three coalition action teams and four community partners through ODFM social media, newsletters, and associated events with the goal of broadening public awareness of the overdose prevention resources available in the county (including intervention, medication assisted treatment, harm-reduction strategies, and recovery services). (By December 31, 2024)
  • Smart Goal #3: (Host Presentations) Establish and launch a strategic and collaborative approach to Narcan trainings, targeting at least two professional sectors (such as, transportation, hospitality, construction and healthcare providers), by 6/30/2024. Impact will be measured by the numbers of individuals trained in Narcan administration. (By December 31, 2024)

Youth Action Team

What: The Youth Action Team is led by youth (ages 11-25) and guided by adult allies seeking to reduce drug overdose through overdose prevention and harm reduction strategies and treatment referrals in Marin County.

How: The Youth Action Team accomplishes their goals in collaboration with Marin 9 to 25, Youth Transforming Justice, and Marin Healthy Youth Partnerships. They take on initiatives that work towards reducing stigma, increasing access to NARCAN, and providing educational trainings and messaging geared toward the youth audience.

Who: Marin youth (middle school students, high school students, JC/College students, Transitional Age Youth) from all areas of the county, work with local adult allies who are professionals in the field of advocating/serving youth.

When: The Youth Action Team meets on the first Thursday, every month, from 4pm to 5pm, on Zoom/on-line. (Starting in August, in-person meetings will take place during the Find Your Way Campaign meetings)

Wanted: Motivated youth that are representative of Marin’s population (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, West Marin youth, youth with lived experience etc.)

Contact: Colyn Heimerman, Youth Action Team Co-Chair,

  • SMART Goal #1: (Equity) Recruit and engage no less than ten new youth to participate in the Action Team who are more broadly representative of Marin’s youth population. (by April 30, 2024)
  • SMART Goal #2: (Awareness) Increase community awareness of OD Free Marin’s Youth Action Team through presence at events and through social media. (by August 31, 2024)
  • SMART Goal #3: (Access) Provide equitable overdose prevention education and outreach for youth by youth across Marin. Plan and/or deliver Narcan training for youth within each school district/junior college. (by December 31, 2024)

Intervention, Treatment and Recovery

The Intervention, Treatment and Recovery action team is focused on preventing overdose through: increasing access to and availability of treatment services; boosting client, provider and community awareness of resources; outreach to overdose survivors; and Narcan® distribution.

  • SMART Goal #1: (Equity) Recruit at least five new action team members who actively work in the field of intervention, treatment and/or recovery from a substance use disorder who are not already contracted providers of the county. (by June 31, 2024)
  • SMART Goal #2: (Awareness) Identify all Intervention, Treatment and Recovery providers in the county and confirm what they are doing related to increasing access to Medication Assisted Treatment for people with Opioid Use Disorder. (by September 30, 2024)
  • SMART Goal #3: (Education) Develop a strategy to help reduce the stigma and other barriers preventing the successful initiation and maintenance of Medication Assisted Treatment. (by December 31, 2024)

Justice System

The Justice System action team recognizes persons who use drugs often touch the criminal justice system. The team partners with all branches of public safety and justice to enhance prevention programs and protect those most at risk for overdose.

OD Free Action Teams - structure

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